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Glacel Group Executive Coaching - What Is It?
What is it?

Executive coaching is a process in which a qualified coach works one-on-one with managers and executives to improve already good performance or to teach specific skills that may need improvement. The coach helps the individual set better goals that can be realized in a shorter time. Individual performance is enhanced because performance is aligned with personal and organizational values. Because executive coaches work one-on-one, learning and behavior change come more quickly. Learning is about performance on-the-job, not in a classroom. Real-time interventions and suggestions are made that change behavior in the short term. When the benefits of the change are realized, behavior change in the long term is reinforced.

Who benefits from executive coaching?

  • Senior executives who seek a sounding board to refine their ideas and decisions.
  • Managers who do not receive regular feedback on their performance.
  • High potentials who are being stretched to learn and perform at high levels.
  • Newly promoted or hired individuals who want to speed up their learning curve.
  • Competent managers who need to fine-tune raw edges and improve some skills.
  • Technical experts who are less versed in leadership and interpersonal skills.

Benefits of Executive Coaching:

  • Individuals set better goals and are held accountable for achieving those goals.
  • Performance improves more quickly due to the continuous reflection and feedback.
  • Learning takes place more quickly in new situations.
  • Individuals make better decisions because of the reflection and analysis process.
  • Interpersonal relationships improve based on real-time feedback.
  • Team development accelerates as individuals take responsibility for their actions.
  • Alignment of individual and organizational values decreases stress for employees and the organization

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