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Glacel Group International Coaching - What Is It?
What is it?

International coaching is a process whereby a coach with international experience works with a leader who is responsible for international operations across multiple cultures. The coach uses a method of questions and challenges to assist the leader in analyzing behavior through a different cultural lens. By making the leader aware of the mental models of one's own culture, the leader can then address whether those models fit with the business situations in another culture and make a better decision on both individual behavior and business operations.

Who benefits from International coaching?

  • Ex-pats on assignment to a different country
  • Managers with operations in different countries
  • Executives of multi-national companies
  • Managers of multi-cultural teams

Benefits of International Coaching:

  • Managers suspend judgment of individuals until culture is considered
  • Team members grow to understand one another in order to work better together
  • Individuals consider behavior before committing embarrassing mistakes
  • Individuals adjust more quickly on international assignments
  • Managers learn how to motivate employees based on employee cultural values
  • Business decisions are better accepted by divisions and employees in multi-national settings

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