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Albie Neal
Managing Director
Life Technologies Australasia
Auckland, New Zealand

Glacel Group International Coaching - Case Studies
Case Studies

  • Senior Vice President of a global production company headquartered in Europe and with employees around the world. This strong executive was unaware of the confusing impact of his style on employees from different cultures. The coach worked with him to be open about his style and to hold back his quick decision-making and assertive behavior when it became confusing or overwhelming to others.
  • Senior Vice President of a high-technology company with divisions in the U.S., Europe and Israel, and with multi-cultural employees in the home office. The coach worked with him to understand that subordinate leaders had different cultural styles and could be just as effective in their own way, even though different from the headquarters-based norm.
  • Senior Marketing Officer of a Belgian organization who brought with him another European cultural background with a "take no prisoners" approach. While his behaviors brought business results, he had alienated the leadership of the organization. The coach worked with him as he accepted that to be successful, he had to adopt new behaviors that fit the organization's culture.