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Joe Barrett
Vice President, HighSpeed America
(Former) Senior Vice President, Systems Operations, America Online
Reston, Virginia

Glacel Group Team Coaching - What Is It?
What is it?

Team coaching is a process in which a qualified coach works with an intact team while they are interacting to accomplish their mission and tasks. The coach observes the team's actions and provides feedback in real time to question the effectiveness of team processes, communication, interpersonal interactions, meeting practices and procedures, or other related team behaviors. As a whole, the team sets norms for their work together, constructively resolves conflict, recognizes individual roles and relationships, and focuses on the interdependent team goals. The coach facilitates team meetings, strategy sessions, problem-solving exercises and introduces both individual and team learning.

Who benefits from team coaching?

  • Teams that are interdependent in meeting their mission and task accomplishment
  • Teams with new leadership or new membership
  • Teams with ambiguous goals
  • Teams with short deadlines
  • Teams that aspire to high performance and consistent excellent results

Benefits of team coaching:

  • Team members consciously work toward higher expectations and better performance
  • Team members resolve conflicts, turf battles, unspoken agendas and competition
  • Teams accomplish more work in a shorter timeframe
  • Team members share more information
  • Teams learn lessons from experience and do not repeat mistakes

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