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Willie Coetzee
Potchefstroom Business School
Former Vice President of Human Resources, Transnet
Johannesburg, South Africa

Glacel Group Team Coaching - Case Studies
Case Studies
  • Intact team of researchers at a worldwide pharmaceutical company charged with accelerating the speed of researching and developing new products. The team coach observed monthly team meetings, provided feedback on team interactions, facilitated difficult interpersonal conflicts, and performed a communications audit to facilitate better sharing of information within the team.
  • Intact management team of a Fortune 500 production company in which the leader's dominance was obstructing the sharing of good ideas and information. The team coach worked independently with the leader as well as with the team as a whole to facilitate better communication, increase shared responsibility, and produce more synergistic decisions.
  • Intact management team of a high-tech think-tank. The new management team was assembled because of their scientific knowledge and brilliance, but the team was highly competitive internally. The team coach worked with the team to develop mutually-accepted norms for working together and to focus on the team goal, more than individual recognition.

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