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Norman R. Augustine
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (Retired)
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Bethesda, Maryland

Glacel Group Team Coaching - Light Bulbs for Leaders
Light Bulbs for Leaders

The benefits and tools for team coaching are available in the CEO-READ business best seller, Light Bulbs for Leaders, co-authored by Barbara Pate Glacel and Emile A. Robert. Light Bulbs for Leaders was ranked by CEO-READ as the tenth-highest-selling business book of the decade of the 1990s. The concepts that propelled teams to success continue to be the tools for success in the twenty-first century. While they may be common sense, they simply are not common practice. Teams need a guide to assist them through the focused learning process.

Team learning workshops are offered by Glacel Group to intact teams within organizations. Workshops jump-start the team learning process by including experiential exercises, team development instruction, and assessment of team performance. This two-day workshop is followed by real-time team coaching to continue the process of team learning over time.

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